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Staff Directory


📧 Kim Hollowell 


📧 Lauren Lentz

Assistant Principal

📧 Erin Rogers

Admin Secretary

📧 Linda Tupen

Health/Attendance Tech

📧 Kim Holguin




📧 Garcia, Jessica

📧 Hans, Kristin


📧 Breen, Stefanie

📧 DelMastro, Brenda

📧 Keenan, Shannon

📧 Ventimiglia, Carrie

1st Grade

📧 Hanson, Lindsay

📧 Rieck, Nicole

📧 Rivera, Jennifer

📧 Stockford, Lacy

2nd Grade

📧 Boka, Janeen

📧 Bradford, Kasey

📧 Pierce, Phoebe

📧 Ramos, Carol


3rd Grade

📧 Arvidson, Kim

📧 Purvis, Clarke

📧 Sanchez, Allison

📧 Wilson, Kathy

📧 Wright, Tisa

4th Grade

📧 D'Aquila, Dana

📧 Davis, Angela

📧 Pence, Paul

📧 Spina, Gina

5th Grade

📧 Brown, Dan

📧 Butler, Ken

📧 Larson, Meghann

📧 Scott, Caren

Special Day

📧 Mock, Madison


SpEd Team

📧 Dueñas, Melissa

📧 Haus, Peggy

📧 North, Shelby


📧 Wojcik, Chelsey


📧 Park, Florence


📧 Buck, Robyn - art

📧 Cook, Miles -music

📧 Hoyo, Michele -PE


📧 Roundtree, Lisa

Community Liaison

📧 Bell Cerda, Diane

AM-PM Coordinator

📧 Boot, Laurie


📧 Jones, Courtney

📧 Mohan, Patricia

Meet Our School Nurse

Lisa Roundtree is a Registered Nurse in her 7th year with Empresa Elementary. As a District Nurse, she works at multiple sites, and also serves as the Lead Nurse for VUSD. As the Empresa nurse, she is the health supervisor and trainer for our health/attendance tech Linda Tupen, and ensures all staff are trained in emergency medical procedures as necessary. 

 Lisa is always available to discuss any new and chronic health concerns in order to make your students' educational experience most beneficial, and relay any pertinent info and training to the teachers and staff. Lisa is also available to discuss any health concerns you may have for your student, assisting with MD referrals and resources. 

As part of California's mandatory school screenings, Lisa performs an annual hearing and vision exam on every Kindergartener, 2nd grader, and 5th grader during the school year. If you have any questions about this screening please reach out. 

Lisa Roundtree, MSN, RN, PHN

(760) 419-9471