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Volunteer Forms


Volunteer assistance enriches the educational program, enhances supervision of students, and contributes to school safety while strengthening the school’s relationships with the community.  

Parents/guardians have the right, under the supervision of district employees, to volunteer their time and resources for the improvement of school facilities and school programs, including, but not limited to, providing assistance in the classroom with the approval, and under the direct supervision, of the teacher. 

Volunteers are required to:

  • Complete a VUSD School Volunteer Application and meet any screening criteria required generally for volunteers as well as specific criteria for assigned tasks

  • Complete a volunteer orientation and any appropriate training

  • Register/sign in immediately each time upon entering any school building or grounds

  • Get permission from the site administrator prior to bringing other children or individuals with them during their volunteer hours

  • Report directly to and remain in the designated location(s) and time identified for their volunteer service 

  • Work cooperatively with school personnel and consistently demonstrate appropriate language and behavior, as defined by school personnel

  • Maintain confidentiality, as volunteers may be exposed to information, incidents or interactions that are not for public distribution

  • Report concerns or concerning observations promptly and directly to staff they are assigned to and/or administration

  • Act in accordance with district policies, regulations and school rules

Site administration determines the extent and scope of the use of volunteers at the site. Volunteers will be assigned specific responsibilities under the supervision of identified staff members. Volunteer registration may be denied or revoked and volunteers may be asked to leave school or district facilities by school staff.  

School administrators will request prompt removal of any individual from school grounds who, by their presence or action, disrupts or threatens to disrupt normal school operations at a school campus or any other district facility, threatens the health and safety of students or staff of anyone on district property, does not demonstrate civil and non-discriminatory behavior, or causes or threatens to cause damage to any property damage in accordance with law, Board policy, or administrative regulation.


Every student graduates from Vista Unified as a resilient, agile learner and creative problem solver who navigates the world with confidence and kindness and eagerly embraces local and global challenges.

Core Values

  • Respect- Knowing, valuing, and treating all with dignity
  • Trust- Focusing every decision on the best interests of our learners through transparency, honest communication and integrity
  • Collaboration- Creating a culture of continuous improvement, working in partnership with students, families, staff, and the community
  • Equity- Valuing diversity and providing equitable access and resources across the district for all students and adults to reach their full potential
  • Kindness- Developing a compassionate, nurturing and kind learning and working environment

Volunteer Guidelines


California's Megan's Law was enacted in 1996. It mandates the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) to notify the public about specified registered sex offenders. All volunteers, visitors and guests will be scanned for a Megan’s Law clearance each time they enter a VUSD campus.


The Vista Unified School District Board Policy 1005 (c) requires that all persons who work with children more than 20 hours be screened and found to be free of tuberculosis.  School volunteers should not begin work until the tuberculosis clearance is completed.  A tuberculin screening or test is valid for four (4) years.  Please note that tuberculin test results, by law, may not be accepted as valid if they are older than sixty (60) days.  Please contact the school site Registered Nurse for screening. 


The Governing Board believes that appropriate dress and grooming by district  volunteers contribute to a productive learning environment and model positive behavior.  During school hours and at school activities, volunteers shall maintain professional  standards of dress and grooming that demonstrate their high regard for education,  present an image consistent with their job responsibilities and assignment, and not  endanger the health or safety of volunteers or students. All volunteers shall be held to  the same standards.  


  1. School volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application each year prior to being  allowed to participate as a volunteer.
  2.  Volunteers must sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct each year prior to being allowed to volunteer.
  3. All volunteers, visitors and guests will be scanned for a Megan’s Law clearance each time they enter a campus through the visitor management system

Volunteer Application


*DL/ID and current TB
(TB must be within 4 years)

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Are you due for a
current TB test?

Complete the TB Assessment Questionnaire with our nurse Lisa!
TB Assessment Questionnaire
Call or email Lisa at (760) 419-9471 to schedule a time to finalize your TB clearance.

Incomplete or electronic applications will not be accepted. Please call the office with any questions.