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Parent Involvement



The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of volunteers. The PTA’s mission is to provide opportunities to create memories of their time at elementary school. The PTA coordinates fundraisers, book fairs, and the creation of the yearbook.   We encourage you to attend PTA meetings.  The atmosphere is informal and provides an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the school.  You, the parents, help our PTA make decisions on how to spend funds to support our students and our school.  Empresa PTA information can be found Here



Music at Empresa and Empresa Performing Arts Foundation (EPAF)



Empresa Elementary is proud to offer music classes once a week to all students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in choir (2-5), percussion (3-5), band (4-5), guitar (5) and songwriting (3-5) classes either before or after school with our music teacher for an annual fee.  This fantastic program is funded solely through money raised by our Empresa Performing Arts Foundation.  We appreciate your support of our many fundraisers!  Please click Here for more information. 



SSC – School Site Council



The School Site Council is an elected committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators, which serves as an advisory board to the school administration to set budget priorities for Empresa Elementary. This committee meets regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans and budget for our School Improvement Program funds. Elections are held each year to choose representatives.



ELAC – English Language Advisory Committee



ELAC is a committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators.  They meet regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans for students who are learning the English language.