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Every Friday from 8:00-8:30. Families are encouraged to witness student successes such as awards for 8 Keys of Excellence, Student of the Month, Accelerated  Reader Points, and Caught Being Good Fish. Student awards are given in the form of a charm that is collected on a school spirit necklace. Each Friday Flag features a different class performing a poem or song in addition to awards.  Parents attending Friday Flag are asked to stay in the Parent Zone and are not allowed on the blacktop at any time.


All staff members are on watch for students “Caught Being Good”. Students may receive a paper fish which they place in a fishbowl in the office. Each week, ten names are drawn from the fishbowl. Those students are called up at Friday Flag to receive a fish charm.


Teachers and staff members are always on the lookout for students who have gone above and beyond both academically and socially. Students who show exceptional perseverance and determination may be awarded a Pupil of Positive Praise certificate which rewards them with a visit to the office, a call home from the Principal or Assistant Principal, and a picture on the school website.