School begins at 8:00 AM for all students.
Call (760) 940-8454 ext. 1 to report absences.

School Absences (Board Policy No 5005)

If your child is unable to attend school, please call the school office the morning of the day your child is absent.  If you cannot phone us, please send a note the day your child returns to school giving the specific reason for the absence, your name, and your signature.

The only reasons for an excused absence are illness, doctor’s or dentist’s appointment; all other situations are unexcused absences.  Our school district, as well as the School Attendance Review Board, considers three unexcused absences and/or tardies as truancyThe district has a policy that parents only have 72 hours (3 days) to verify an illness.    After this, it will be considered an “unexcused absence.”

Parents will be notified when the school is concerned about their child’s attendance.  A truancy letter will be sent home after a child is absent three unexcused days.  When a child’s attendance improves after one letter, everyone wins! 

School Lates-Early Sign Out

Be sure your child is in school every day, on time, and picked up in a timely manner. Late to school, late pick up in the afternoon and early check-out are considered tardies.  A student who accumulates multiple latest may lose their recess.

SARB (School Attendance Review Board)

Who is referred to SARB? Under Education Code, Section 48263: Habitually truant students (grades 1-12) may be referred to SARB, as well as students with chronic attendance problems. (district attendance policy)

All absences must be verified within 72 hours or the absence becomes an unexcused absence or truancy.
If your child is excessively absent (10 days) from school for whatever reason – including truancy, illness and tardiness – he/she will be referred to Empresa Elementary School’s Attendance Review Team.  If no improvement in attendance results, he/she will be referred to the district’s School Attendance Review Board.  This group is responsible for making sure all of our students attend school every day.  California state law requires children to attend school from six years of age to eighteen years of age.  The SARB Committee will meet with parents or guardians to provide encouragement in school attendance.  Ultimately, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make sure attendance is regular.  State law allows for disciplinary actions against parents/guardians for failure to place a child in school.