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Empresa Elementary offers a breakfast program for all children.  Breakfast is served daily to students from 7:40 AM–8:00 AM.  This year breakfast is served to students at no cost.  Second chance breakfast will also be available to students during recess.


Children may pick up lunch in the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch to school.  This year lunches are served to any student at no cost.  All food must remain on campus and students must follow the direction of the noon duties.


Peanut/Nut Free Classrooms

Due to peanut/nut allergies affecting many of our students, all classrooms will be “Peanut/Nut Free Zones”.  On rainy days, peanut/nut products brought to school may only be consumed at the picnic tables.


Food Allergies/Special Dietary Needs

There are students who have special dietary needs and/or are allergic to certain foods or ingredients (e.g., peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, etc.). When exposed to an allergen, affected students may experience shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty breathing, difficulty talking or swallowing, hives, itching, swelling, shock, or asthma. Students will not be excluded from school activities nor otherwise discriminated against, harassed, intimidated, or bullied because of their food allergy.

Please help keep all of students safe and healthy at school by keeping in mind the following:

  1. Parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the principal or school nurse, in writing, regarding their child’s food allergies or other special dietary needs.

  2. When a student’s food allergy or food intolerance substantially limits one or more major life activities, the student may be evaluated to determine if accommodations pursuant to Section 504 are required.

  3. The school may designate allergen-free area(s) to ensure students with allergies are safe.

  4. Students should not share or exchange meals or utensils with other students.

  5. Without identifying the student, the principal or teacher may notify parents/guardians of other students in the class that a student is allergic to a specific food and may request that certain foods not be provided at class parties or other school events.

  6. Parents/guardians are encouraged to bring non-food items, such as stickers or pencils, for school celebrations in lieu of food items which present a challenge for students with food allergies.

  7. When sending food for others to consume, do not send any foods that do not have food labels.


Summer Meals Details

What: No-cost meals for children 18 & under: Meals are available to all children 18 & under with no forms or paperwork required.

When: Our summer meals program runs from June 10 – August 9. We’ll serve breakfast and lunch Monday – Friday, except for Wednesday, June 19th, and Thursday, July 4th.

Where: Meals will be served at six school locations and the Boys & Girls Club of Vista. Text For locations, dates, times, and menus, anyone can text FOOD (English) or COMIDA (Spanish) to 304-304, to receive information on the closest locations.

Why: “Our summer meals program is an integral and important service to fulfill our department’s mission,” says Karolyn Wasung, Director of Child Nutrition Services for Vista Unified School District. 

Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring a reusable bottle to fill and refill water to consume while on campus. Drinking water plays an important role in maintaining a child’s overall health in the following ways:

  1. Supports muscles, joints, and tissues

  2. Improves digestive system

  3. Keeps growing bodies hydrated

  4. Positively impacts cognitive performance, particularly short-term memory

  5. Improves visual attention and fine motor skills

  6. Can prevent excess weight gain when substituting sugary drinks

WaveCrest Cafe

The mission of WaveCrest Cafe (aka Child Nutrition Services) is to enhance and support the educational processes of the Vista Unified School District

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