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Attendance Policy

School begins at 8:00 AM for all students.

Call (760)940-8454 ext. 1 to report absences.


Attendance Awareness Campaign 2024 -

Be Present, Be Powerful

Daily attendance is key to helping each student reach their dreams of a successful future, and showing up on time every day is an important life skill that will help students graduate from college and keep a job. When students do not attend school regularly, they miss out on fundamental academic and social skills and the chance to build a habit of consistent attendance.

Absences can be minimized by scheduling medical, dental, and other appointments after school or when school is not in session. Vacations should be planned around holidays. Students and parents/guardians must make school attendance a priority. School staff will plan and implement positive behavior reinforcement and recognition systems to improve and recognize the efforts of students and parents.

Be Present, Be POWERFUL!

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VUSD Attendance Policy

  • Absence Verification & Accountability
  • Excused vs Unexcused Absence
  • Tardy Policy/ Leaving School Early
  • Short-Term Independet Study
  • Transfers/Withdrawls